With years of experience as a practicing lawyer, Brooke knows first hand the levels of stress that can be experienced in the office. Inviting yoga to the workplace is a great way for employees to unlock tension and pain trapped in the body, calm the mind and nervous system and boost health and performance. 

Private sessions are incredibly beneficial for practitioners of any level wanting to deepen particular aspects of their practice, refine the fundamentals or seek mentoring and advice. Privates can be taught at your home or in studio at BodyMindLife

Brooke is a yoga teacher at BodyMindLife studios in Sydney. Click the link above to check out her current teaching schedule. 


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Brooke was instrumental in me starting my journey of self acceptance, spiritual understanding personal growth and has remained invaluable as I’ve continued to progress. Put simply, she is somebody very special. From her calm demeanor, to her insights, to her ability to impart knowledge in terms so easily understood and absorbed by the layman, to her insatiable thirst for Yogic learning and teachings, she inspires you to believe in yourself and to keep going when you start to get off track or lose direction.
— Trevor Miller, Australia