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All-levels yoga classes intelligently sequenced and curated with heart, in collaboration with Use the code BROOKE for one month free.

Online Class Playlist

  1. Art of Alchemy 

  2. Sacred Swoon

  3. Wring & Release

  4. The Unbroken Flow

  5. Upside Down & Asymmetrical

  6. The Heart’s Eye

These classes offer a taste of all flavours of body yesses ~ fiery and strong, expansive and floaty, simmering and deep. You’ll have time and space for whole body listening, savouring the full spectrum of breath and sensation as a gateway into states of Being, otherwise indescribable.

Somewhere along the line we divided our thinking away from our Being, and limited our intelligence to the brain alone. So much inspired input is tasted by the full body and yet, most inner dialects we aren’t sensual enough to ever sense or understanding enough to ever understand.

To move sensually means to awaken the infinite myriad of internal senses within you! Each movement made with a focus born of awe, and each breath from the heart ~ your art within the sublime flow.


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Brooke was instrumental in me starting my journey of self acceptance, spiritual understanding personal growth and has remained invaluable as I’ve continued to progress. Put simply, she is somebody very special. From her calm demeanor, to her insights, to her ability to impart knowledge in terms so easily understood and absorbed by the layman, to her insatiable thirst for Yogic learning and teachings, she inspires you to believe in yourself and to keep going when you start to get off track or lose direction.
— Trevor Miller, Australia