Back2Roots 200hr yoga Teacher Training

East Bali Immersion, 5-29 November 2019



facilitated by Brooke Elliston & Lara Zilibowitz

along with special guests

The core of our existence is so easy to overlook because it’s not noisy or clamouring for our attention like all the other aspects of the human mind. And yet, there is so often a feeling of something other than, deeper than, more real than…

Embark with us on our Back2Roots Teacher Training ~ a 25-day immersive journey tracing the threads of Self, the sutras of the body, all the way back to our roots.

With an attitude born of awe and curiosity as our guiding force, we will map our inner topography through the transformative lens of Yoga to reveal the wild ecology of our essential nature, and in turn, share the gifts that are ours alone to give.

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Following this potent path, we re-member that our true nature is creativity, that when nourished and fertilised flourishes us into beings that are life-giving and life-enriching, both to ourselves and the world around us.

This is a process of reciprocity and relentless re-discovery. As we become more intimate with our untamed internal wilderness, so too can we then foster attitudes that allow a lively and respectful dialogue between body and earth and other.

The art and arc of the training has been curated to coax you layer by layer into the deepest embodiment of the yogic and tantric approach possible, empowering you with practical skills of self awareness to make lasting changes in your own health and wellbeing, and of all who you’re blessed to meet moving forwards.


We will focus on the powerful foundations of the practice ~ first clearing and purifying our physical sheaths that are blocked and stagnant, before delving into the more subtle energetics of the practice. As a family, we will illuminate the myriad of Ways for one another to weave and expand our consciousness and potential through every threshold of the bodymap ~ from finite to infinite.

Born of the belief that our essence is Liberated, Creative and Joyful in nature, this training is an invitation into the empirical science ~ self experimentation and empowerment, not only for those who wish to become teachers, but also those who want to expand their inner wisdom and take their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual practice to new richness and depth.


  • 5 November - 29 November 2019 (25 days)

  • Training starts at 4pm on 5 November & concludes with the closing ceremony at 11am on 29 November

  • Held at Shanti Agung and the nearby Aashaya resort, in Pantai Jasri, east-coast Bali

  • To register please fill out the APPLICATION FORM

  • Package includes tuition fees, accommodation, bonus adventures & 3 buffet meals per day

  • EARLY BIRD until 1 March 2019 / STANDARD FEES after 1 March 2019

  • Standard Twin Share Room ~ USD $4,497 / USD $4,997

  • Deluxe Private ~ USD $4,997 / USD $5,497

  • CLICK HERE to view the full gallery of our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training experience at Jasri



  • Understanding asana from the gross to subtle body

  • Intelligent vinyasa sequencing

  • Applied anatomy and physiology
    (incl. energetic anatomy ~ chakras, nadis)

  • Fall in love with Philosophy ~ Classical Yoga vs Tantra

  • Meditation metamorphosis

  • Breath module: The cycle of life

  • Creative language and styles of expression

  • How to find your teaching voice and use it

  • Art of touch and hands-on assists

  • The power of sound
    ~ mantra & kirtan with live accompaniment

  • How to give and receive evolutionary feedback

  • Confidence to create and deliver intelligent, rich, heartfelt and authentically YOU yoga classes

  • Unlocking your own creativity treasure chest

  • Myriad of other jewels within, to be revealed by you..

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  • Lara Zilibowitz & Brooke Elliston

  • Rachel Ellery (anatomy)



  • 1 day off every 7 days

  • 7:00am - 9:45am - Asana, Meditation & Pranayama

  • 10:00am - Breakfast

  • 11am - Lab: Empirical Science
    (experimenting on the Self!)

  • 1:30pm - Lunch

  • 3:00 - 4:30pm - Philosophy

  • 4:30 - 6:00pm - Practical

  • 6:00 - 7:30pm - Dinner

  • 7:30pm - 9pm - Evening session


  • ONLINE APPLICATION (30-60 mins to complete)

  • Email from B2R when application is received

  • Assessment period 1 - 2 weeks

  • Pay course fees

  • Get set to jet!



  • 2+ years of regular yoga practice

  • A willingness to learn, digest and assimilate

  • Open to receiving feedback, laugh at yourself, be part of a community, and transform


Places on our trainings are limited. Please ensure you complete your registration as soon as possible to secure your potential acceptance.  Carefully review course details, dates, costs and complete the APPLICATION FORM in its entirety. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, to secure your spot at our 200-Hour YTT, a payment of USD $1,250 is required - this deposit is non-refundable and includes $250 PayPal fee (no more fees will be charged for the remainder of your tuition fees).

We will email you a PayPal invoice with instructions on how to complete the payment by PayPal or Bank Transfer. Early bird is required to be paid in full by the due date (1 March 2019). After this date standard fees apply.

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FEATURE VIDEO: Back2Roots Retreats & Four Seasons, Sayan BALI, 2017

A short film shot in one take by videographer Peter Sedlacik