Yoga and meditation retreats in spectacular global locations ~ from the black sands and volcanic majesty of The Big Island, Hawaii, to the sacred crystalline waters of Kabak Valley, Turkey, all the way to the majestic mountains of the French Alps. These retreats are a deep dunk into Yoga, meditation, creativity and wilderness, designed to invite you on an inner pilgrimage of alchemy and awe.


Byron bay retreat ~ 24-27 JANUARY 2020


what to expect on Our Immersions…

Back2Roots Retreats is entering its 5th year gathering 20-30 treasured Beings at a time, to immerse together as long lost family in different pockets of Mother Nature's paradise around the globe. 

Each day on retreat is layered with practices rooted in the authentic teachings of Yoga and Tantric philosophy ~ inviting us to shed old and limiting ways of being and re-directing our force towards our most expanded potential and highest evolution. 

Through a carefully curated myriad of asana, meditation, creative exploration and adventure ~ we invite each person's unique gifts to be added to the collective cauldron. In the process we become the anchor, the mirror, the inspiration, the conduit and greatest support for one another ~ coming together to re-member our roots as raw, authentic and powerful. 

Our retreats are immersive experiences for anyone inspired to unlock their sense of freedom, connection and creative power. We have everyone from yoga teachers to never ever stepped on a yoga mat before, join us. Big life shifts can happen on these retreats!

Click the link above to see some of the sacred moments we've shared with our community all around the world over the past few years.

Back2Roots Bellingen Retreat was exactly where I needed to be and it came at exactly the right time for me. Once I had booked the retreat, I found myself questioning ‘who am I to deserve a retreat?’ It wasn’t until I experienced a sense of flow, a shift in consciousness & a great renewal of energy from the retreat that I realised that I really couldn’t afford not to receive something so special. Both Lara & Brooke have such a grace about them, from their beautifully poetic teachings, to their ability to take you through an alchemical transformation, through postures that your body didn’t even know it was yearning for. There was such a finely tuned balance of everything at this retreat ~ happy, soulful people, animals, nature, creativity, delicious food & time to take it all in. Thank you back2rootsretreat for a magical experience! xxx
— Phoebe Kirkwood, Southern Highlands Retreat