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Yogic Health Program

The Yogic Health Program is for people who want a personalised, holistic and integrative approach to their health, healing and personal evolution. It is rooted in authentic and verified yogic and Ayurvedic knowledge and its methods are developed in the context of the whole person, incorporating all levels of human experience. 

'Being healthy and feeling good, is more complex than having no complaints or disease. It involves the harmonious integration of all levels of our being, from

  1. a strong and agile physical body, to
  2. a clear, focused, creative mind,
  3. the ability to withstand the stress and challenges of life with ease, to
  4. the capacity to fulfil our most dear dreams.' 

~ Dr. Mihaela Petunic, Co-Founder of Agama Yoga University and Director of Amrita Healing Centre


What does a personalised Yogic Health plan look like? 

The first step is a one-on-one consultation of approximately 90 minutes, in which a complete holistic health evaluation is conducted. Stemming from this, a plan is custom-tailored for you, targeting your desired outcomes.

A custom plan may include:

·      asana (postures)

·      pranayama (breath work)

·      kriyas (purification techniques)

·      meditation and mindfulness

·      movement therapy

·      dietary recommendations based on the science of Ayurveda

·      life-style interventions

·      relaxation techniques

·      specific health care referrals where necessary

We will schedule a follow up session of 90 - 120 minutes to go through your program, make sure you understand how to perform all the postures and techniques and make any adjustments necessary.

Your program will begin by dealing with present health emergencies but over time approach the more refined or fundamental questions that can lead to illness, including any underlying disconnection with self, or feeling of unease in dealing with challenges of the life process.

The yoga concept relates the illness to the relationship between the individual and life itself; the healthy basis of life is a total acceptance of the life process, the unhealthy basis a state of alienation with life. The key to health lies in finding a personal feeling of fulfilment with life.
— Srimat Swami Shivananda Saraswati


What sets this program apart from other healing modalities?

The focus of the program is on treating the individual rather than the condition. In its personalised application it asks the questions, ‘what is health for you?’, and ‘how does health manifest in your life in general?’.  This means that a program initially designed to ease back pain, might also lead to better sleep, a reduction in long-term medication use or feeling an improved sense of wellbeing. It will reflect an integrative compound of alternative and conventional methods, specifically designed to 'meet you where you're at' in your present condition of health, and always with respect for your physical, social, mental-emotional and spiritual boundaries.

The approach begins from the point of view that true healing comes from the intelligent combination of treatment together with inner evolution. Being healthy requires our capacity for discernment; should I take a pill or meditate? Should I do both? Should I have surgery or is there a yoga, meditation or mindfulness technique that can support me? What is the right kind of diet for my body at this time? Is there a specific energy work, or conventional form of medicine that is ideal for me in this moment?


What is the research behind the yogic and Ayurvedic methods applied?

In India, gurus and yoga masters have understood and applied yoga as a healing technique for thousands of years to students suffering from health challenges, helping to heal chronic ailments with specific postures, breathing techniques and cleansing and purification practices.    

Today the health care world is increasingly recognising that a therapeutic application of yoga can be hugely complementary to modern medicine and science. There is now a significant body of clinical research documenting the benefits of yoga, meditation, breathing and cleansing techniques, for a vast range of health conditions.

 (Click here for a list of 75 health conditions that yoga therapy has been shown to assist, with references).


How can a personalised program help me?

Physical benefits

  • flexibility
  • strength
  • blood and lymph circulation
  • hormonal balance
  • immune functioning
  • enhancing the body's own self-healing mechanisms
  • kinesthetic intelligence and body awareness

Energetic benefits

  • elimination of blockages, purification and awareness and control of prana (energy)
  • others begin to feel more calm and relaxed in your presence

Mental and emotional benefits

  • being at ease with the challenges that life brings
  • unlocking and releasing conditioned patterns of thoughts and behaviours
  • increased compassion for the self and others
  • superior integration of experiences leading to reduced suffering and pain
  • mental clarity and ease
  • increased presence and contentment

Spiritual benefits

  • svastha, personal evolution and being established in the self


How does the Yogic Health Program complement traditional biomedicine?

Modern medicine tends to adopt a reductionist approach to health. It seeks to identify and analyse illness as specifically as possible – down to molecular biology, physics and chemistry. The body is viewed in isolation and divided into systems where information and data can be accumulated to;

  • predict future outcomes,
  • formulate very accurate strategies of managing the illness, and
  • apply highly standardised treatments from the outside to the internal environment.

The Yogic Health Program begins from the polar end of the spectrum, examining health from a holistic and ‘big picture’ context. The body is perceived as a whole, and causality is understood from the perspective of totality. It is intuitive, self-empowering and based on the direct experience and observation of the individual, using medical tests and evidence for orientation where necessary.

The program’s tools and practices might be considered the inner microscope of self-observation, introspection, contemplation and meditation, that complement and balance the external microscope of western biomedicine.

Fortunately, we are now seeing extensive scientific research confirming what the yogis have found for thousands of years through direct experience - that the yoga system bring to life a wholeness of being, that is not a very easy thing to achieve.

Working in this way, we can see the need to retrain our approach to health; a renouncing of black and white, all mind or all microscope, and instead adopt a complementary, holistic and integrative approach as the best answer to 21st century health issues. 

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It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but the most adaptable to change.
— Charles Darwin