Current Schedule

Brooke teaches group yoga classes at BodyMindLife studios in Surry Hills, Bondi Beach, Redfern and Potts Point in Sydney, Australia. Take a look at her current schedule and book into class below.

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BodyMindLife Studios

Sunday 8:30am, Open 30°C (90 minutes) ~ Surry Hills

Sunday 10:30am, Essentials 28°C (90 minutes) ~ Surry Hills

Monday 6:30am, Open 30°C (60 minutes + 15 minutes meditation) ~ Redfern

Monday 12:15, Open 30°C (60 minutes + 15 minutes meditation) ~ Bondi Beach

Thursday 5:15pm, Open 30°C (60 minutes) ~ Surry Hills

Thursday 7:15pm, Essentials 28°C (60 minutes) ~ Surry Hills

Friday 6:00am, Open 28°C (60 minutes) ~ Potts Point

Friday 7:15, Essentials (60 minutes + 15 minutes meditation) ~ Potts Point