Unlocking the doors to the body is unlocking the entry to the secrets all of us Know and yet don’t know.

Every precious room inside the body has a doorway.
Long ago there were more doors to tombs than homes and the doorway had a very special purpose of retaining a thing of spiritual value within. And much the same, the doors inside us are psychic barriers and protectors that we have built with our own hands, through our own life experiences, to keep something of spiritual value safe.

Each door within the body has been constructed and called upon to act as guardian of a room. And our barricades are strengthened each time we protect ourselves, or discourage ourselves from thinking or diving in too deeply.

The counter magic? The right key! The key that unlocks the germination of our consciousness. The key that represents the body giving us permission to know the deepest, darkest secrets of the psyche and the soul.

The properly shaped questions emanate of course from an essential curiosity about what stands behind, beneath and beyond. An attitude born of awe and wonder causes secret doors of self to swing wide open!

And so this practice, is much like finding ourselves with a bundle of little keys, and endless doorways right in inside of us ~ with the sole ask of finding out which little door each little key fits next !

Only one doorway will open at a time...

Finding the little door is important, and so is sometimes disobeying all instructions and directions in favour of self experiment and self discovery. We can ask ourselves, ‘where is this moment’s door and what might lie beyond it?’

The softer side inside us knows that if there is a shadow somewhere ~ a secret something ~ or a forbidden fruit ripening in some foreign field of fleshy soil, then it needs to be looked into !

When we pursue that lip of light that seeps between the barriers, we pursue the mystery behind all that is readily observable, in favour of the numinous something special always dancing in the undercurrents.