What is our responsibility here on earth? Is it to die having defined a certain purpose and place, having planted this unique-blueprint of body vessel into the perfect pocket of soil to fertilise its birthright blooming? Do we owe our moral compass to orient in honour of our ancestors and our successors ~ to take the actions needed not to cause more harm, to master the skills to make a difference, to pave the way for a less confusion-flooded future?

We spend many periods of life learning all the ways to think and act ~ following the rules and expectations of our parents and carers, our teachers, our schools, our government, our belief systems…

Imagine for a moment, a tuning fork struck against an object is set into vibration at a specific, constant pitch. Our minds, much like tuning forks, are continuously struck by the information contained in the systems and categories and checklists and containers around us. We absorb the vibrations of frequencies that skip along the skull-floor, and in turn cause us to emit specific musical tones in tune and resonance, with our environment. 

We are tuned up by the world around us.

In that process often our capacity to create our own tune or tone or melody is drowned out. And often the sounds around us are so impactful, we only hear the tune of the people, and things, and pathways that are the loudest.

But what if our true responsibility is as the word implies, our Response-Ability. What if our duty is just to listen and co-create with any present moment, using the full faculties of our awareness? Consider that our highest duty is not actually a doing at all, but a state of Being ~ an expansion of consciousness into the brimming fullness of a single second, fuller than full, wholler than wholesome, embracing the entire spectrum of what a solitary moment could contain. 

What is often missed in our attempts to be the most diligent students of Life, is the capacity to listen fully to the unique patterns of energy that want to play through the instrument of our Being, expressing at their very own rhythm and tempo, direction and density, melody, tone and tune. And so our mission may be clouded by the accomplishments of others or what the intellectual mind believes we are capable of.

But our highest truths will forever be beyond even words, and far beyond the intellect. We can’t ever truly define a perfect place or purpose, when true Duty is not even an action, but an instantaneous experience of Being INSIDE a moment, an ability to respond simultaneously to Life ~ not a whisker before or a nipple after, but a simultaneous unfolding and a flowering with the moment.

But how do we do this? Right this moment, ask yourself, how can you listen fully, inquire, be IN, immersed, submerged, one with your moment to moment unfolding? Try now to drop into the moment, exactly where you are. When we are alert and present many things are not possible ~ contraction and tension and fear and distraction and doubt ~ many things melt as soon as we shine the light of our presence on them.

From dropping ~ comes a new depth , a spacious richness. We begin to experience the continuous flowing and shifting of life in its natural order and evolution, towards our highest power and purpose, seemingly without effort, and absolutely without intellect.