The word ‘bodymap’ implies an ability to recognise, understand and experience the distinct layers of our own body.

Sometimes we have an accurate sense of our bodymap and move about the world with a certain congruence with life, as if simultaneously moving and being moved with an elegance and sensitivity that is forever growing us into realising our nature as completely whole, unbroken beings.

Other times however, just like a coffee pot filled and refilled over time builds up a thick black lining of deposits, so too do we collect the energetic waste and residue of living.

What we encounter in the inner levels is that the natural hollows, the basins, tributaries and channels that exist within us and usually allow for life to rise and roll and surge and spill Her way through, now face all kinds of dams and diversions.

And so life, finding no inlet inside of us, backs up and toxifies and pollutes our inner ecosystems. In fact often the pressure builds to such peaks and pinnacles, it must eventually ram forward to destructively breakthrough.

What this signals to us is that just like all urban centres need continuous cleaning, we too must take out our garbage and recycle our organic waste. After all life is always greeting us, but whether we can taste her sweetness depends on what’s already on our palate.

In order to truly taste, we first need to understand those things that we consume that dim our sensitivity ~ not just the food we put in our mouth but also the unending stream of information we digest through our senses from TV and magazines, or the experiences collected in life that have left us with unfavourable inner complexes, or the energetic environ of people around us that may not be serving our highest truth.

Purifying doesn’t mean we’re dirty... it means we’re oversaturated with the densest parts of life and in order to simplify and come back to our roots, we need to periodically clear out.

The yoga practice provides a myriad of clever ways tested over 1000's of years to cleanse and clear the most gross to most refined and subtle layers of the bodymap. With a fresh energetic palate, we can truly savour the full spectrum of our being, interconnected to everything around us, and allowing of our inner rivers to burst forth, receive, impart and give life fully.