In human connection, things are never as they seem. For the most part, they are far better than we imagine them. But the tendency of the human mind in our current conditioning, is that when we experience something as awkward or uncomfortable, we deem it less than ideal. The by-product of this perception, is that some kind of effort kicks in to alter our state of being as quickly as possible.

This subtle resistance to discomfort urges us into a kind of grasping rhythm, quite far from a natural one. A grasping life rhythm has a velocity that catapults our desire to have entirely resolved connections and communications at all times and in all situations ~ damning the floods and drowning the droughts and catching the avalanches in our tiny open palms mid way through their natural exploration and expression.

Often we fill awkward moments with sounds and solutions. We neglect our majestic intuition in favour of relief-filling, hyper-normalcy, enhancing a sort of flat-lining of our personality. This subtle underlying momentum steers us towards outcomes that are never too frigid, never too dry, and always smooth around the edges.

During every moment of connection our human wires get tangled and crossed. Mostly this occurs at such a deep level it’s completely unconscious ~ until one day such a big drama dribbles its way out of human lips, that we are faced with an utterly unsmoothable Awkward Moment. And we are at a loss at how to fix it!

Now, to make fine distinctions in judgment, separating this from that with elegant discrimination, seeing all sides and dimensions and arches ~ takes allowing the unfolding of things because things are ready. The natural rhythm of life and nature, is such that all creatures need only know some answers at each age and each stage and in each moment of connection in our lives. We don’t need to know too much too soon, or we grow old before our time! Most often what life calls for, is simply to pause and relish in an Awkward Moment, without trying to change, or alter, or fix it.

In Australia we’re taught that if we get bitten by a snake, we shouldn’t suck out the venom or run or move too quickly, lest we speed up our demise. Instead, we should stay as still as possible and sit inside the poison…The snake, after all, is a beautiful creature. It’s Fear that insists on our quickest replies.

When an Awkward Moment arises, can we simply allow ourselves to simply have an experience inside it? Eventually all will untangle and the answers will come ~ under the bed, or in a book, or behind one ear, or sung to us softly around a campfire.

Our patience and presence, will allow us to bow in service to the larger story that lies quietly inside every potent Awkward Moment.