Samadhi, nirvana, enlightenment, Love, self-realisation, orgasm, the full body YES

Yes is an expansion!

But in order to Realise the Yes, we must invite ourselves in equal parts and portions to Realise the No.

Just as perfectly combined as

coffee and cacao

and meditation and sex

and tahini and spoons

~ two sides of the same coin.

When one part of us contracts, the other expands and when one part expands, the other contracts. Our contractions are exactly half the human experiment, informing us exactly what degree, what direction, and what dimension in which to fray out into our fullest Yes.

Notice for example, that within our internal composition, polar mechanisms can be firing in opposition at exactly the same moment. If you were just to whisper, inside yourself ‘Yes’, (try it now(!)) without making a sound ~ just an inward absorption into yourself, add a Yes to your experience. 

What you will see is that at the exact same instance, some parts of your experience will, inevitably, erupt into a No. Maybe you didn’t even ask yourself the question, because although some curious aspects desired to, some opposite and overriding aspects said, ‘No’!!.

Some deep explorations in my own practice, are to reclaim as much of my unfolding experience as possible ~ every particle, every thread, every freckle, every thought, every emotion ~ the full spectrum, the whole orchestra, the entire symphony ~ from pleasure to pain.

This is because it is exactly this exhilarating, thrilling, enchanting, challenging, awkward, uncomfortable process that reveals in fact there are never problems… The sense of No, while forever existing in perfect symbiotic fullness, and remaining intact in our field of experience, nonetheless evaporates under the lens of our awareness.

Each contraction becomes a Mystery so infinite it can never be unravelled fully. See, a problem is no problem if it’s simply an exhilarating Mystery!

Slowly slowly slowwwlllly y y y, our eyes expand to see more, our ears expand to hear more, our hands expand touch more, our bodys expand to feel more, our hearts expand love more, everything expands to become more!

That’s a Full Body Yes.

And it’s infinite.

It goes on and on and on and on, no beginning and no end.