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Attentive and Intuitive. An expressionist and inner wanderer. A little bit intense and a little bit of mystery. A creator and an incubator. 

Brooke is an open book and yet deeply interior. She is drawn towards people and experiences that offer time and space for true depth of connection. She grew up in Sydney, Australia spending plenty of time barefoot in nature and in the surf. It is her connection to the nature that most informs her wild, intrinsic trust in the greater flow. 

Brooke's teachings are deeply rooted in the alchemy of Yoga and Tantra and the potency of the work of the ancient mystics ~ using poetry to offer a glimpse and gateway into expanded states and inner experiences otherwise indescribable. 

She is enraptured by beautiful language and believes there is great power in words, and deep healing in harnessing music and sensual movement to explore the inner art of coming alive. Her classes are intentionally slow ~ honouring the need for time, space and deep listening to cultivate the most intimate state of connection to self and life.

Before her life in Yoga, Brooke practiced as a lawyer for 4 years. Whilst she loved the daily brain dunk into all the dots and details of the law, her heart yearned to be guided by a different form of intelligence ~ the laws of the body. 

A series of strong signals from her body to slow down eventually became the catalyst to reorient away from the law to full time heart strumming. 


She calls this life compass, the Full Body Yes. 

This life path has increasingly demanded that she bring to light the unseen aspects of herself, embracing the challenges with as much grace as the sweeter moments. It has taught her that the more she feels is able to navigate this field of Being on the inside, the more her reality shifts around her to reflect the miraculous gift of being Human on the outside. 

Brooke is deeply honoured to share the teachings of Yoga and Tantra across the globe leading workshops, international festival classes and facilitating retreats. She is co-founder of Back2Roots Retreats - hosting transformative retreats in locations all around the world including  Indonesia, Hawaii, France, UK and Turkey. When she's not teaching abroad, she teaches studio classes at BodyMindLife in Sydney, and is an ambassador of Lululemon AthleticaNakula Organic Coconut Products and Food Matters TV.

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I believe in

wild and messy

not waiting until it's all figured out

revelling in the Awkward moments

mellow, slow, always

creating with love and presence

one. thing. at. a. time.