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Brooke has a piercing and intuitive demeanour. She is an open book and yet deeply interior ~ nourished through relationships with the world and its people, plants and creatures, that offer the space for true depth of connection and sharing.

It is this richness of connection that she feels compelled to draw forth from students in her classes. Because of this, her practices are intentionally slow ~ honouring the need for time, space and deep listening to cultivate the most intimate communications to self and life.

From this place of slowing down and paying attention, she invites students to comb through one layer of experience at a time, until unraveling and unveiling the most profound realisations that reorient us towards our highest capacity for love and service.  

Her teachings are deeply rooted in the alchemy of Tantra and she believes in the potency of the work of the ancient mystics ~ using poetry to offer a glimpse into expanded states and inner experiences otherwise indescribable. 

She is enraptured by beautiful language and poetic words and believes there is great power in words, as well as music and movement, to teach the inner art of coming alive. She has given herself fully to this path of transmuting density into fluidity, contraction into expansion and separateness into the sacred flow satisfied within. 

Brooke grew up in Sydney, Australia spending plenty of time wandering barefoot in nature and in the surf. She explored dance, athletics, rode horses and very much remains a little wild and messy around the edges.

Having a mind that likes to delve deep deep into details and intricacies she found herself completing a law/ journalism degree. She practiced as a lawyer for 4.5 years before her body started to give her strong signals that something was amiss - full body rashes daily, a swelling throat, numbness in her legs to the point of hospitalisation. After spending a night in hospital it was found that anxiety was the cause of the dramatic symptoms, and an unknowing lack of awareness of how to properly breathe. A full belly breath was next to impossible. The realisation pointed to a diametric disconnect between mind and body.

It was through this experience that she discovered the incredible power of yoga and of dropping out of the head and into a much deeper place of attunement and listening to the heart.

This life path has increasingly demanded that she bring to light the unseen aspects of herself, embracing the challenges, the mistakes, the lessons with as much grace as the sweeter moments. It has taught her that the more she feels a sense of peace on the inside, the more her reality shifts around her to reflect the miraculous gift of living, breathing, and being. 

Brooke is deeply honoured to share the teachings of yoga across the globe leading workshops, international festival classes and facilitating retreats. She is co-founder of Back2Roots Retreats - hosting transformative retreats in locations such as Indonesia, Hawaii, France and Turkey. When she's not teaching abroad, she teaches studio classes at BodyMindLife in Sydney, and is an ambassador Lululemon Athletica and Nakula Organic Coconut Products. In her down time you'll most likely find her wave hunting on the NSW Coast. 

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I believe in

wild and messy, not waiting until it's all figured out

simmering in the awkward moments

mellow, always

creating with love and presence

one. thing. at. a. time.