The Full Body Yes is a commitment to be All In, in every moment. It is to submerge in each unfolding instant, exactly as it is, with fuller than full passion and full Acceptance, whether we agree with the experience or not (Acceptance is very different from agreement!). It is a Tantric understanding that the experience of oneness with the soul ~ a concept which can seem so esoteric or out there ~ is actually practical, it is of the world…life embracing!

Often we think the intention of yoga is to bring us to some idealised state of bliss and joy.

The reason this approach is so powerful, is because it shatters the idea that we need to transcend or rise above or dissociate from the human experience. Instead, realisation of our profound wholeness , occurs within the paradigm of the very real and raw, and fluctuating human experience.

Fluctuating, as in Never perfect(!). The practice is intended to fluctuate us, not perfect us. The fluctuations are what grow us! 

The Full Body Yes is a call to attention, to summon the totality of our awareness into the most intimate experience there is ~ to see, taste, touch, know, savour the Self in our full shades. It is to embrace the whole Buffet of what it means to be human ~ from pleasure to pain, darkness to dawn ~ and every tune and tone and note and frequency in between.

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I believe in

wild and messy

not waiting until it's all figured out

revelling in the Awkward moments

mellow, slow, always

creating with love and presence

one. thing. at. a. time.